The goal was to create the best jacket out there.

The approach was two fold; Design and Production. 

Design. Design is the image in your head. It is the silhouette. The character. The edge. It is "What?"

Production is the depth. It is the 4th dimension. The story, ultimately. The confidence. It is "How?"

Design was answered with elevated punk, 60's Hollywood, turn of the century workwear, racing aero and fluid dynamic based biology (or gills, for short). All brought together in function and form. 

Production was answered with a team of people across the country. Selvedge from the same Draper X3 looms that lived in White Cone for so long. Hardware from Switzerland. Suede from one of the oldest tanneries in the country. Sown in the modern metropolis of New York City. 

You can design a wonderful piece, but it is all the steps in between that drawing and the physical incarnation of it that define its depth.